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How open are people to brands on social networks?

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Behind the numbers

The measure for 'Resistant to brands' or 'Open to brands' is calculated by finding the difference between those agreeing and those disagreeing with the following statements:

  1. "Social networks are a good place to learn more about brands and products."
  2. "Social networks are/would be a good place to buy products."

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The global view

Fast growth markets are more open to socialising with brands

Fast growth markets are more open to brands on social networks than developed markets, which show resistance to both buying and engaging with brands in these spaces. Social networks can therefore put brands at risk of damaging their image in developed markets, and must be carefully approached.

Is shopping a social activity?

People are much more resistant to buying products than they are to learning about them on social networks. Social networks themselves are not ideal spaces for retail, but the popularity of group buying sites has opened up new opportunities. Localising and personalising what brands offer consumers, allows them to sell more overtly and unapologetically than they might on social networks.

Age doesn't matter

Globally, people's openness or resistance to brands on social networks is not dependent on age. There is an assumption that younger people are more open, but our study shows that older age groups are as open to brands as their younger counterparts. This presents a clear opportunity for brands to reach a vast audience on social networks regardless of age.

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Digital Lifestyles fact

Aspirers are looking to use the Internet and social networks much more than they currently do. Although they face barriers that restrict how frequently they go online, they are more open to brands on social networks than other groups, and have a greater willingness to embrace all aspects of the Internet.

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